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What would you like to see in Cameron Park?

Perhaps it’s a modern playground or somewhere for small children to safely ride their bikes?

Cameron Park, Booval has been slated for an upgrade and council is looking for ideas from the community to shape the project.

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said council is looking to upgrade the park to meet the recreational needs of those who use it the most.

“We really want to hear from those who are using the facilities what they would like to see in their park,” Cr Fechner said.

“Council is looking at making improvements to the park including to the playground, amenities block, and parking on the Easton Street frontage but we’re keen to hear the community’s ideas.”

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said as Ipswich continues to evolve and grow, it is important to ensure our parks meet the recreational needs of residents.

“While Cameron Park has magnificent avenues of mature figs and wonderful fitness equipment, council has identified areas that could be improved including the playground which has reached the end of its useful life and the amenities block which doesn’t cater for people of different abilities,” Cr Doyle said

“In the absence of formal parking, some visitors are parking under the figs and inadvertently damaging their roots.

“We want the park to adequately cater for the local community and suit the character of the local area.”

The area this project will focus on is primarily from Easton Street frontage to the centre of the park. The project area does not include Swifts Sports Club or the existing Scout and Country Women’s Association buildings.

To have your say on the future look of Cameron Park, visit Shape Your Ipswich here.

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  1. A big Aboriginal painting at the entrance of park safer and big play ground toilets and maybe a few bbq areas the whole area should of fenced off tho .

  2. Formal parking area, fenced dog park with a covered seating area for the hoomans and some doggy agility equipment 🙂

  3. A skate / BMX park for all ages
    More park equipment for all ages.
    A water park as previously mentioned would be good as well.

  4. A much improved playground, including somewhere for the little ones for local parents at home with toddlers who’d like to get the kids out of the house. Better pathways for prams and wheelchairs (the deco paths near the playground are a wild ride!)

    As locals we’ve used this park for BBQ/picnics and the playground. Definitely needs improved facilities and toilets for gatherings.

    An enclosed dog park would be popular also.

    A beautiful feature of this park already is the tree lined paths – it’s always a lovely stroll. Would be improved by a footpath along Easton street and pram/wheelchair access to the street (currently just gutters).

  5. Definitely better playground equipment for the smaller kids and maybe a few more covered seating/BBQ areas instead of only one. A skate bowl for older kids and dog park area would work well also. And upgrade the toilet facilities and install security cameras to deter all the creepy men from loitering there. It’s a well known problem to the locals and puts us off going to the park a lot. Can’t wait to see the improvements ..!

  6. a water park will be the best option .. especially when it’s summer. as some should agree with me here Ipswich has no beaches close in range .. we have the local swimming pools .. but why not make it a water play area for all ages .. yes there’s river hart but why not make a bigger and better .. make access for wheelchairs/ prams .. equipment for all ages .. covered bbq areas .. dog park .. security cameras .. toilets.. a decently sized car park .. fence it off and have gates for access ..

  7. Facility similar to Bracken Ridge bike and Skate park.
    Scent gardens similar to Laurel Park in Toowoomba.

    Would love to see our park names with their Indigenous names.

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