Will Ipswich beat the hottest December day record this weekend?

Ipswich residents should prepare for another warm weekend before welcoming a cool change and may even enjoy a bit of wet stuff over Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Last Monday (December 16) saw Ipswich swelter to 43.1 degrees which was only 0.7 degrees from the record held for the hottest December day in the region.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosa Hoff said the hot weather expected this weekend would be another close call for Ipswich to beat the 47 year-old record set in 1974.

“Certainly the best chance at the moment of beating any records would be on Sunday with the way it’s looking,” she said.

“The region’s highest temperature is at 43.8 for December which is quite warm, although at this stage Ipswich is looking quite unlikely to beat that as we’re only going for a top of 38 but, it will certainly be warm.”

Ipswich residents can expect to feel relief towards the middle of the week as temperatures dip with a chance of showers on Christmas Eve developing into a thunderstorm on Christmas Day.

“It will be a little bit cooler on Monday and but then picking up on Christmas Eve and back to 38,” Ms Hoff said.

“A 60 per cent chance of a shower is picking up from Christmas Eve and continuing with a storm possible on Christmas Day with Boxing Day easing back a little.

“It will help to keep temperatures a little bit lower down to 32, but there’s still a bit of room for variation on that so I wouldn’t be planning a beach day on the 27th.

“It’ll be nice weather for the ground, less good for the barbecue.”

A fire ban is currently in place for the Ipswich local government area until midnight, Tuesday, 31 December.

Residents should make themselves aware of any current weather warnings and be prepared to take precautions as necessary.

Listen to local radio and check for the latest weather warnings at www.bom.gov.au/qld/warnings/

Ipswich City Council has an extensive check list of emergency management information and advice at www.ipswich.qld.gov.au

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