Work to begin on $1.8 million intersection upgrade

Traffic signals are being installed at an Eastern Heights intersection to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians as part of a $1.8 million upgrade.

Work will start in coming weeks at the intersection of Salisbury Road and Briggs Road.

The intersection is a key entry/exit point to Limestone Park and thoroughfare for people travelling to nearby Briggs Road Sporting Complex and the Ipswich Cycle Park.

Dedicated, and signal controlled, right-hand turning lanes will be installed on both approaches along Salisbury Road to improve safety for motorists entering Limestone Park and Briggs Road.

Other improvements include new bicycle lanes, construction of footpaths and kerb ramps, allowance for u-turns on Salisbury Road, upgraded street lighting and changes to line marking.

The entry to Limestone Park will be slightly realigned to accommodate the intersection upgrade.

Ipswich City Council has asked motorists to remain patient while the works take place.

They are expected to be completed by Christmas, weather permitting, however access to Limestone Park will remain available during construction.

The intersection upgrade is a part of Ipswich City Council’s 10 year Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan outlined in the iGo City of Ipswich Transport Plan.

The iGo City of Ipswich Transport Plan is a strategic long-term plan which outlines council’s aspirations for advancing the city’s transport network.

Traffic signals will next be installed at the nearby intersection of Robertson Road and Grange Roads in 2020.

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  1. Good to see these old intersections getting fixed up. We need work done where Blackstone Road intersects with Sealy Street and also where Mary Street intersects within Thomas Street. So many dangerous moments which will surely end with a fatality.

  2. Hi,

    Great to see this interesection being upgraded. Your article states the growing interest in the area in regards to the Ipswich Cycle Path, I am just wondering if there is any consideration into adding in a cycle lane along brings road starting at this intersection?


  3. People just need to learn to drive properly. If anything a proper dual lane round about should be installed and the remain 1.5 Million dollars should be spent educating drivers how to operate them.

  4. I’ve lived just down the road from there off Briggs Rd for 13 years and it is long overdue. As for the suggestion of a roundabout, no thank the you because most people can’t negotiate them and cause traffic to back up. At least with lights you remove the need to think.

  5. Hope there will be concrete walking paths put in also. People tend to walk on the roads as footpaths are not safe to walk on sometimes. It will be much safer to cross the road and most people did not stop at stop sign.

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