X-ray rooms upgraded at Ipswich Hospital

Work has started on installing a MRI machine at Ipswich Hospital.

Starting from this week, external contractors will be onsite working alongside West Moreton Health staff at Ipswich Hospital to remove obsolete x-ray equipment, renovate one of the suites in the department, relocate a CT scanner, and install the MRI into a fit for purpose location within the Medical Imaging Department.

Barricades have been put in place in the department to separate clinical and patient areas from the construction zone.

The new MRI will arrive onsite at the Ipswich Hospital at 2am on Saturday, 14 September.

Chelmsford Avenue from the bottom of the P1 car park to the intersection and down to Warwick Road will be closed for four hours.

As the project works are occurring within the hospital, the effects of construction work such as noise and dust will at times affect staff and community members.

As part of the $125.4 million Stage 1A of the Master Plan, work is currently underway at Ipswich Hospital to install a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine.

The installation of the MRI machine at Ipswich Hospital will ensure members of the West Moreton community have access to the latest, and best, medical diagnostic scanning services, and no longer need to travel to other facilities for these services.

The MRI is expected to be operational by October.


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