Your chance to test new vehicle technology on the streets of Ipswich

Hundreds of Ipswich motorists are needed for Australia’s biggest pilot program of cooperative vehicles. In short, your car will be fitted with digital technology so it can talk to other vehicles and things like traffic lights. It might even stop you from having a prang, and it’s good for the environment. Sound like fun? Take this short survey and register your details.

Ipswich continues to be at the forefront of digital transformation and now residents can take part in a trial of Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) technologies

The program will put 500 Ipswich motorists in the driver’s seat as part of a plan to bring cooperative vehicles to Queensland.

If you have a car built after 1990 you should be right to take part, with the program set to hit the road in 2019 under the State Government’s Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative, or CAVI for short.

Watch these videos and learn how CAVI works before you hit the road

Emergency braking warning

Hazard warning

In-vehicle speed warning

Road works warning

Transport and Main Roads Land Transport Safety Branch boss Dennis Walsh said the pilot program would be the biggest of its kind in Australia.

“For decades the world has speculated about the future of driverless cars,” he said.

“While the reality is a little different from the science fiction myths, the truth is we aren’t far off having the technology in place for vehicles to operate without a driver behind the wheel.”

Take the survey and put your name forward for the on-road trial here.

Road transport is changing. So is news.


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