$8 million unit complex taking shape

Ipswich social housing is keeping pace with population growth as work starts multi-level social housing complex in the Ipswich CBD.

The units will be located on the site of the former RACQ heritage building that was destroyed by fire last year.

The multi-level social housing building will have 20 apartments constructed on the East Street site next to Centrelink in Ipswich Central.

The development will provide 15 one-bedroom and five two-bedroom units, to help Ipswich families and individuals in need.

The $8 million project will provide jobs for about 270 construction workers.

The former RACQ heritage building destroyed by fire.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said the decision to build a multi-level social housing complex in the Ipswich is important to meet the needs of the growing community.

“It is important to increase the stock of social and affordable homes available to Ipswich,” Ms Howard said.

“Our population is expected to grow by 110,000 people over 10 years to 2027 which will see an increased demand for social housing.”

Artists impression of the social housing complex on the corner of East and Roderick Streets.

The units are close to support services, public transport and opportunities for continuing education and employment.

The design is contemporary and attractive and has taken into account Ipswich City Council criteria for providing pedestrian shade and shelter at street level.

Through the Housing Construction Jobs Program (HCJP), the Queensland Government has committed $103 million to build 383 new social homes in the Ipswich region by 2022. 


  1. Shame..why can’t they build heritage style homes/units. We are losing so much of what Ipswich used to look like. Places burn down, the govt rebuilds with flash..gone are the heritage style buildings and past forever. They did an amazing job where the brewery, ice cream shop, dove restaurant is now….that’s a building they should try and replicate..build Ipswich to look old and fashionable. Stop building places that look more like the Gold Coast than Ipswich! Bring back the old style buildings and put a bit of thought into it….so disappointing council!!!

  2. I agree, Denise. What a disappointing look for the outlay of $8 million. We don’t need a ghetto-look for our CBD! Is it a walk-up block or would there be lifts? NOT what we want for Ipswich…

  3. Very close to support services. Only across the road from opportunities for continuing education that cost nothing. Council, money spent getting people into libraries will contribute to a reduction in the cost of spending on social housing in the long term. Seriously, is this 8 million dollars well spent? 20 families? $400,000 each, for social housing?

  4. 8 milliqn for 20 units what a rip off.22 three bedroom houses cod be built for this amount.this includes the land cost.discusting

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