A rare opportunity for Ipswich musicians and singers to learn with international artists

Brisbane-based Balkan French six-piece MZAZA will offer a unique musical performance development workshop for the musicians of Ipswich.

The folk band will be performing its show Birth and Death of Stars at Studio 188 on Saturday, 27 April. Before the show, the band will conduct two workshops for local musicians. 

During the one hour singing workshop, Pauline Maudy of Spanish-Sephardic heritage, will teach an uplifting vocal workshop for beginners and experienced singers.

The songs will be a mix of a very old traditional Ladino song and a French pop song from the 60s.

There is also a one hour instrumental workshop where locals can learn a couple of tunes with MZAZA’s guitar, violin and bass players. They will be teaching unusual rhythms, scales and ornaments.

Musicians are asked to bring along their own instrument and a recording device (if they like), and no experience reading music is required.

Violinist Greta Kelly (pictured) said after the workshop, participants would be invited to participate in an interactive sound check, rehearsal and performance with MZAZA during their show.

“We’ve played at Studio 188 in Ipswich before,” Ms Kelly said.

“It was a gorgeous venue and a lot of local musicians came.

“That is when we got the idea we should do a workshop. It’ll be really fun to invite them onstage to perform with us.”

MZAZA embrace diversity, the old and the new, the familiar and the foreign.

The musicians are from Bosnia, Lativa, Greece, Turkey, France and Australia.

MZAZA’s writers and musicians skilfully create their own set of traditions from a tapestry of richly woven influences from France, the Balkans, the Middle East and Sephardic Spain.

They arrive in Ipswich fresh from a sold out show at the Brisbane Jazz Club, their performance driven by French and Spanish Sephardic roots.  Front woman Pauline Maudy sings in French, Spanish, Ladino, English and Turkish.

Some of their regular instruments are the accordion, violin, percussion, double bass and Flamenco guitar.

Last year MZAZA spent a week at Sierra Studios in Athens recording a third full-length album, which is due for release later this year.


Live at Saturday Sessions, Studio 188 Ipswich

188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich

Saturday, 27 April

8pm – 10pm

Ticket Price: Workshop and show $35.00, show only $25

Book here

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