Barkathon presents bark-busting technology

Ipswich City Council is hoping to test its newest dog bark-busting technology by June this year.

A 48-hour “Barkathon” event was hosted by council’s start-up incubator Firestation 101 last month, to explore and potentially identify a technical solution to assist dog owners and their neighbours to resolve barking nuisance.

Health, Security and Community Safety Committee Chairperson Cr Sheila Ireland said 25 entrepreneurs presented their ideas to council. The winning entry was the “Bark Up” app, from developer Aaron Brand.

“Bark Up is a concept providing information and solutions through an App style platform, inclusive of various opt in points like a digital diary, dog owner notification, and the ability to escalate a complaint through to Council. Aaron was able to demonstrate basic viability of the solution at the event,” she said.

“We have held initial discussions with Mr Brand, with proof of concept currently underway. There is some scope for Mr Brand to collaborate with council during initial stages, to identify potential opportunities, supplementary features, and future development of the solution. Initial estimates indicate a deliverable product is achievable within six months of proof of concept.

“Mr Brand will receive mentoring from Firestation 101 and council during development of Bark Up, with a business plan to be progressed concurrently.”

Cr Ireland said the winning entry would receive prize money through the development, testing and delivery of the product. It had enormous potential and could be marketed by council and its developer in Australia and overseas.

“The Barkathon event also provided excellent networking opportunities for council, and a number of individuals and small businesses with developed systems and solutions relevant to domestic pets have been able to show case their respective product or expertise,” Cr Ireland said.

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