Bikeway network moves a step closer to completion with major works in 2020

Ipswich City Council’s Brassall Bikeway Network is moving a step closer to completion.

The seven-stage multi-million-dollar bikeway – which has been constructed with funding from both council and the Queensland Government – will be a major boost to the city’s cyclists, runners, walkers and their pets.

Completion of this network will make journeys by foot and bicycle between North Ipswich, Brassall, Wulkuraka, Karrabin and Pine Mountain and the Ipswich city centre more competitive with the car – and in some cases quicker. Almost 8kms of the bikeway (Stages 1–4) has already been constructed.

Two of the remaining three stages will start construction in January 2020 and be completed in April 2020.

An update on the remaining three stages for the project includes:

• Stage 5 runs along Keswick Road, Karrabin across Ironpot Creek, connecting into Diamantina Boulevard, Brassall. It will be constructed between January – April 2020.

• Stage 6 is planned to connect to an existing bikeway connection point at Stage 1, North Ipswich and will cross the Bremer River into the Ipswich CBD. Work on this project has been ongoing for a number of years however, due to its complexity, the alignment is yet to be finalised.

• Stage 7 works will formalise the section of existing track on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) from Diamantina Boulevard, Brassall (where the Brassall Bikeway Stage 4 currently ends) to Bayley Road, Pine Mountain. It will be constructed between January – April 2020.

Acting General Manager of Infrastructure and Environment Tony Dileo said council is committed to providing active transport options for the Ipswich community and its visitors, and is on its way to achieving many of the strategic projects outlined in council’s iGO Active Transport Action Plan.

“The Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council have jointly invested in the construction of the Brassall Bikeway. This connection forms part of council’s broader iGO Active Transport Action Plan and the Queensland Government Principal Cycle Network, which seeks to increase safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists across the city,” he said.

Mr Dileo said there had been some confusion in the community about Stage 7 and council hoped to clear that up now.

Here are some things you need to know:

• The project is jointly funded with the Queensland Government via the Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program.

• This project is separate to the proposal recently released for community consultation by Somerset Regional Council regarding the concept to concrete other sections of the BVRT between Pine Mountain and Fernvale.

• Council’s active transport strategic planning does not propose to continue the Brassall Bikeway network any further north than Bayley Road along the BVRT alignment.

• The intent of Brassall Bikeway Stage 7 is to provide alternative active transport choices to residents and safely connect pedestrians and cyclists from the Pine Mountain catchment (north of the highway) to schools, shops, public transport and employment etc. south of the Warrego Highway, while also facilitating recreational opportunities.

• The design elements of the Brassall Bikeway Stage 7 project acknowledge that the BVRT is also a tourism and recreation attractor and that the trail north of Bayley Road is better aligned with more off-road recreational, rather than commuter use. This project will highlight this transition in primary path function north of the Warrego Highway underpass through the use of a coloured path treatment which matches the surrounding landscape and reduced width of concrete before transitioning to the off-road surface north of Bayley Road. Further, the design provides lighting only at the Warrego Highway underpass, which is in response to complaints received by council that the underpass is unsafe.

• A section of the BVRT will need to be closed during construction of Brassall Bikeway Stage 7. Unfortunately, site constraints do not allow for a detour while construction is underway. However, the project will be delivered by council crews and contractors at the same time to minimise delivery timeframes and inconvenience to user groups as much as possible.

All strategic transport projects such as these are listed in council’s iGO – City of Ipswich Transport Plan and iGO Active Transport Action Plan https://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_council/corporate_publications/igo

If you would like to be kept up to date on active transport projects, please email [email protected] to be added to a distribution list. Please put iGO ATAP in the subject line.

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