Book now for Ipswich’s new kerbside collection

Ipswich residents can now access a cleaner, greener large item kerbside collection program, with bookings for the new free, annual bagged service now open.

The free kerbside collection service will now be available every year, instead of every second year.

The on-demand service offers every eligible Ipswich household one free collection each year, and is specifically designed to increase the amount of reclaimed materials by more than 50 per cent.

This new scheme is safer, cleaner, and shifts our focus from waste disposal to resource recovery – a key priority for Ipswich City Council.

Residents can simply go online or call directly to book a large two cubic metre bag on the date of their choice.

Contractor Handel Group will deliver the bag straight to the property and then collect it once notified by the householder, within a specified timeframe.

The on-demand service sees another key pillar of council’s comprehensive Resource Recovery Strategy 2021 accomplished.

These new bags are available for residents to book at or by calling the customer service centre on (07) 3130 0412.

The amount and types of waste currently accepted will remain the same with the new collection service.

To stay up-to-date download Ipswich Bin app on your smart phone or device or visit

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  1. Only problem I see is that although some people did not like it, the old kerbside collection system allowed people to find treasure among others’ junk. A lot of recycling went on, which was surely a good thing.

    1. I completely agree , a lot of the items I put out were taken before the pickup . Because I’m on a no through road it’s only when everyone puts items out at the same time that the treasure hunters come . Besides we pay enough rates , what do they do with our money

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