Circus performers to fill Ipswich streets

An Ipswich circus school is taking their vibrant circus skills to the street for a thrilling street parade.

Circus Ipswich president Dr Meg Hooper runs the not-for-profit circus school is putting out the call for anyone aged between six and 17 years old to get involved.

In a match made in heaven Circus Ipswich will gleefully collide with Brisbane performance crew Circus Company 2 and Ipswich State High School to put on the Circus Ipswich Street Circus Parade.

Dr Hooper is thinking big and she wants to get as many young people involved as possible.

“There is a place for everyone in the parade,” Dr Hooper said.

“I want to take circus to the streets.

“We have joined with one of Australia’s best circus company’s and it will bring joy to so many people, both performers and spectators.”

Anyone interested in the performance project has to enrol in Circus Ipswich’s regular class.

Image: Greg Harm

Circus for Dr Hooper is not just about juggling, twirling and balancing.

Since she started the circus in 2017, and designed a class for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum called Umbrella Circus.

“The kids learn resilience, skills and teamwork,” Dr Hooper said.

“Have a crew or crowd cheer you on is an amazing experience and the children are able to make decisions for themselves about how they would like to perform.”

Performers are invited to come and have a go and learn a new skill for the street circus.

Performance classes begin on Sunday, 7 February from 1pm until 3pm with the parade date to be set for early April.

Circus Company 2 performers. Image: Aaron Walker Photography

Classes will be directed by Circus Company 2 founder Chelsea McGuffin.

Ms McGuffin is renowned for her innovative, daring and fun use of circus to tell stories about the lives of young people.

Circus Company 2 are credited with producing contemporary circus that is full of heart, which brings to life the ideas and voices they think need to be heard.

Dance, makeup artist, music and film students from Ipswich State High School are also contributing to the parade.

Circus Ipswich received a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant from Ipswich City Council which supports locally driven content and productions.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council to support local arts and culture.

Circus Company 2 founder Chelsea McGuffin. Image: Rob Blackburn

The second round is open for applications on 1 February 2021.

For more information on RADF read the guidelines here or call council on 3810 6648.

For more information on the Circus Ipswich Street Circus project click here.

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