Customers entering some council facilities required to show proof of vaccination

Proof of double COVID-19 vaccination will be required in some Ipswich City Council controlled facilities from 17 December 2021.

The Queensland Government – which is responsible for managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in our state – has announced measures outlined in the Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status direction under the Public Health Act 2005.

The Public Health Direction is the legal instrument which now implements the Queensland Government’s 80 per cent double dose public health and social measures from 5am Friday 17 December 2021.

As a public sector entity, council is obligated to comply with the Public Health Direction and must apply the Public Health Direction taking all reasonable measures and steps to do so.

Council has identified roles that are impacted by the Public Health Direction and are working with about 200 staff to ensure they are complying with the direction. Council is committed to working with the entire workforce to create a culture where everyone feels mentally and physically safe in their workplace.

The Queensland Government has advised that the Public Health Direction is enforceable by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) noting that the QPS is committed to acting with compassion, communication and compliance, keeping in mind the overall focus of the Public Health Direction on the health of the community.

From Friday 17 December, everyone will be required to register via the Check in Qld App and provide proof of vaccination/medical exemption.

Only fully vaccinated (16+ years) or medically exempt people are permitted to enter these council facilities:

  • Ipswich Civic Centre
  • North Ipswich Corporate Centre (function centre)
  • Studio 188 (function centre/indoor entertainment venue)
  • Level 1 Nicholas Street (function centre)
  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Ipswich Nature Centre (located in Queens Park)
  • Cultural/art/music festivals, where ticketed* entry applies (indoor and outdoor)

*Ticketed and allocated seating means fixed seating where a person is:

  1. given a record of their assigned seat number by way of a ticket; and
  2. remains in their assigned seat to the extent possible while they are present at the venue or event).

Ipswich City Council understands that the vaccination requirements do not apply to:

  • libraries
  • community facilities including community centres, halls etc
  • outdoor community events
  • private hire of a venue
  • sports centres, venues and swimming pools
  • customer service centres.

Council continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of its employees, contractors and visitors.

Council also understands the concerns of some businesses and members of the community that these new vaccination requirements are complex and represent significant change.

Council will continue to provide updates as the circumstances evolve and offer support to the community wherever possible.

For more information and updates see Ipswich City Council’s website Ipswich Together, a response and recovery page that addresses the impacts of COVID-19 on the community, business, cultural and sporting groups across our city. 

Questions regarding the requirement for mandatory vaccines, as outlined in the State Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, should be directed to Queensland Health.

Check the Queensland Health website for COVID-19 updates,

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