Ensuring Ipswich shares 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games spotlight

Ipswich has left the starting blocks as community leaders came together for the Ipswich 2032 Legacy Summit to discuss a roadmap for how to make the most of the opportunities that the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games bring.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said council wanted to bring the community together to share ideas.

“We want to ensure we harness every opportunity that will come from the Games being in our region and to build an Olympic legacy,” Mayor Harding said.

“Olympians, Paralympians, business leaders, government, community and cultural organisations came together to share ideas and start to form a road map of how we can pull together to achieve our common goals and create a vision of what Ipswich can become,” Mayor Harding.

“One of the outcomes from the summit is to form a Legacy Working Group to help shape the game’s roadmap and come up with an adaptable masterplan as we move forward.

“We want to hear from all sections of our sports-mad and proud Ipswich community and from business leaders about our city’s vision for culture, sport, environment, community, and economic development in the lead-up to the 2032 Games.”

Economic and Industry Development Committee Chairperson Councillor Nicole Jonic said the summit sought to create a picture of what the city could look like after the athletes and visitors have left Australia’s shores.

“The 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games bring with it a unique opportunity for Ipswich, the fastest growing city in Queensland, to develop the economic, infrastructure and tourism benefits,” Cr Jonic said.

“Our planning has been given a kickstart as we heard from former lord Mayor Graham Quirk, from EKS – the team who helped develop the Olympic bid, and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Wayne Gerard and five-time Olympian Natalie Cook.

“The preparation and delivery of the Games will require the input of workers with various skills and expertise, and we want those jobs to benefit Ipswich residents and the summit has given us a head start.

“Now is the time to define the legacy we want to leave for future generations.”

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  1. Might be time the to complete to rail project Springfield back thru to Ipswich which has been on the back burner for how long ?

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