Final days for Sizzler in Ipswich

Lovers of Sizzler’s famous cheese toast have just a few days left to get their fix with the East Ipswich restaurant in its final days of trading.

The restaurant will close on Sunday, 11 August after more than three decades of trading.

A spokesperson for Collins Food Limited, which owns Sizzler, said the company was grateful for the community support over the years.

“The company has thanked the community who have visited Sizzler locally and looks forward to welcoming them to Ipswich’s first Taco Bell,” a spokesperson said.

Dates for the new Taco Bell restaurant on the site have not yet been confirmed, but the change is a sign of shifting consumer tastes.

“The Sizzler brand has been on a journey in recent years, undergoing a review of its offer, decor and positioning to better compete in an ever-evolving market place,” the spokesperson said.

“The Ipswich market has changed and grown a new generation of diners.”

The spokesperson said Collins had been working with managers and team members at Sizzler Ipswich to retain their skills and experience where possible.

Earlier this year, Ipswich City Council approved plans for the city’s first Taco Bell on the site currently occupied by Sizzler.

The new construction consists of a single storey building facing Brisbane Road with a drive thru facility sleeved behind the building.

The Taco Bell will be 250 square metres plus a 58 square metre outdoor dining area.

The drive thru will allow for queuing for 12 vehicles, with up to 10 employees expected to be on site at any one time.

It will be Collins Restaurants’ first Taco Bell in Ipswich and follows an announcement last year by the company that is would roll out “more than 50 new locations across three states over the next three years”.

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  1. Very sad about Sizzler. My daughter read the note on the door while we waited in line to enter our last meal at Ipswich Sizzler. We have been going there for her life time. And also her children. We enjoyed our last Steaks. And my favourite salads. The friendly staff. Sad sad sad. Good luck to all of you who work for Sizzler.
    Perhaps we need to all move to America. It seems to be the resturants everywhere.. american style eating.

  2. Very sad to see Sizzler being replaced! In my opinion, the demographic in the area is much better suited to Sizzler with their wide range of foods. I frequently ate there but will certainly not be rushing to a Taco Bell!

  3. Sad to see Sizzler go, and based on the crowd numbers the last few nights, it’s probably unfortunate that these crowds hadn’t been there the whole time.
    That said, I don’t expect Taco Bell to do well in that location. It would make more sense for them, and for Ipswich city, for it to have been located closer to the center of town, the empty car lot opposite Coles would be be ideal. The city center needs something to have people go there are night. Have a few food places like this, which would then attract more up class dining options, and cafes and just places that are open at night and not just at Riverlink.
    Don’t get me wrong, I wish the best for the Collins Food group but the Australian version of Taco Bell is a light imitation of the real thing.

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