Furry friends line up for discount microchips

A queue of dogs and cats (and their humans) were waiting for RSPCA and council staff before a recent microchipping event had started.

The September event was the first time Limestone Park had been used as a venue, with most animals arriving early in the day.

The event offers $20 first-year dog registration and free microchipping, or $20 microchipping for dogs already registered with council. Cats can also get a microchip for $20.

A council spokesperson said even more dogs and cats were expected at the next event from 9am-12pm on Saturday 10 November at Ipswich Pound.

“We often see the weekend microchipping clinics are hugely popular,” she said.

Sid being a good dog and getting a microchip with the friendly RSPCA and council staff at Limestone Park this month.

Why should I register and microchip my pet?

If your pet gets lost, details from the tag or microchip can be used to reunite you quickly.

Council rewards responsible pet ownership in a number of ways but has also structure impound fees to ensure dogs that are registered, chipped and desexed are eligible for free release if they have escaped or gotten lost. Cats are eligible for free release if they are microchipped and desexed.

A microchip provides a permanent form of ID for your pet. Microchips cannot be removed or fall off like the traditional collar and tag.

Registration (for dogs three months and older) and microchipping (for cats and dogs over eight weeks) are state government requirements – penalties apply for non-compliance.

Also, you become part of the Registration Rewards Program. Every registered dog in Ipswich receives a rewards booklet. This year there are more than 65 local businesses on board, offering rewards valued over $3500. The booklet features great discounts at everything from cafes and entertainment venues to pet and vet businesses that you can use to spoil yourself, your family and your pets.

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