Get exercising and celebrate with a sweaty selfie

With the weather warming up, it is the perfect time to get outside and get sweaty. Ipswich City Council is so excited about spring and getting sweaty, that they are offering an $800 prize pool to see you at your sweatiest.

The Active and Healthy Ipswich Sweaty Selfie Competition is simple.

First of all, apply deodorant. Next up, register for an Active and Healthy Ipswich activity (there are heaps and most are free), do some exercise.

Once you look like a hot mess and you have caught your breath, pick yourself up from the puddle of sweat and exhaustion you have been collapsed in.

Finally, extend your elbow, clutch your phone and take a selfie. Share on Insta with #ActiveIpswich.

It’s about real pictures of people who have pushed themselves and have sweaty armpits to prove it. It’s not meant to be glamorous or posed.

Post your sweaty selfie from now until 18 November. The selfie with the most likes each week, will receive a $50 Rebel Sport gift card, and an overall winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the competition.

For more information click here.

It's good for you

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