Happy birthday to Ipswich dingoes Lola and Moose

The Ipswich Nature Centre’s pure breed alpine dingo pups Lola and Moose have turned two-years-old.

Ipswich Nature Centre staff have thrown them a birthday bash to celebrate their 28 May birthday.

Though the active dingoes are now adults they still behave like puppies, and like most toddlers they love to make a mess.

Moose and Lola tore through their birthday presents to reveal balls, Frisbees, squeaky dog toys and some hidden treats.

Their average day consists of playing, eating, going for a walk, playing and napping.

A special meal of their favourite foods, chicken and dog treats, was also given to them for their birthday lunch.

The dingoes have now settled into their newly upgraded enclosure with Lola enjoying the new sandpit and Moose fond of climbing the giant logs.

While the Ipswich Nature Centre is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, care for the animals is ongoing. 

Did you know?

Lola and Moose have the ever-important job of educating the community about Australia’s native dog.

Unlike dogs, dingos howl rather than bark, they are believed to be descended from wolves and arrived in Australia some 3500 to 4000 years ago.

They may live alone or in packs of up to 10.

Dingoes only breed once a year and usually give birth to about five pups.

They have been instrumental in regulation of many species such as kangaroos, rabbits, foxes and cats, therefore naturally promoting ecosystem balance but they also face continued eradication from hunting.

The Dingo has been listed as vulnerable with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICUN).

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