Have your say on parking fees and where to park across Ipswich

You can now have your say on parking fees, parking spaces, on and off-street parking, parking meters … in fact all things parking across Ipswich.

Ipswich Council has drafted the City of Ipswich Parking Pricing Strategy to provide guidance for decision-making on parking management across the entire city, including the management of time restrictions and priced parking.

We’re looking for feedback on our strategy, particularly:
• About you and where you park
• Parking management objectives
• The framework and how council will consider changes to parking
• Fee structures
• Use of parking revenue
• Use of smart technologies
• Expanding priced parking into new areas.

A report was presented to council last month which outlined the development of the City of Ipswich Parking Pricing Strategy, a key part of iGO – Ipswich’s Transport Plan.

The report said parking is one of the biggest challenges facing local governments, including Ipswich, given the impacts of population growth, increased traffic and congestion, and the associated demands on transport infrastructure (including parking) can often require significant attention, resources and investment.

Council provides more than 3,500 parking spaces in the Ipswich City Centre, which includes both on-street and off-street spaces. Of these parking spaces, approximately 710 spaces are subject to priced parking while the remaining are either unrestricted or managed using time restrictions.

The new strategy provides a framework for priced parking, allowing council to respond to different parking contexts in a systematic and consistent manner.

It will also look at the implementation of priced parking and management of time restrictions at Springfield Town Centre and other activity centres experiencing parking pressures.

Interim Administrator Greg Chemello said that the opportunity for community and stakeholder feedback would enable people to “air their views on a sensitive issue” and would be a suitable yardstick or counterpoint for the technical studies.

Acting General Manager of Infrastructure and Environment Cathy Murray said all feedback received will be considered along with the technical report to ensure that council’s framework for the implementation of timed and priced parking in Ipswich is as comprehensive as possible.

Residents are encouraged to take the five-minute online survey before it closes on 2 February. For more information, read here

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  1. Secure, covered reasonably priced commercial parking station/s are needed. Current meter prices is fine, but maximum for 5 plus hours to all day parking should be capped at $7 as surely it is worth $7 to ensure your vehicle is secure and protected from the sun storms, hail etc. If council built these stations it could take a long term view of recovering the building and operating costs. Can not see another appropriate answer to the problem of insufficient parking especially in and near the CBD.

  2. All parking should be free for four hours. Give people incentive to come here. Dock Councillors’ salaries to pay for it.

  3. Charging people for parking permits outside their houses should be stopped immediately. It is totally unconstitutional and illegal to try and even justify such a move. Your attempt at an excuse was pothetic and embarrassing by saying one person used a permit while not living at the address so now you are charging for permits. Just another example of corruption within.

  4. I am capable of walking to a ticket machine and back to my vehicle before making my way to an appointment in Pring Street but… it is sad to watch so many senior citizens struggle to do this. Pring Street is full of specialists and patients are not always well and capable! paid parking should NOT be in this Street nor the surrounding streets… unnecessary revenue raising taking advantage of the sick!

    1. Yes it should be. We go to oncology regularly & cannot keep paying for parking.Its insufficient anyway & I refuse to park further away & walk up that bloody hill. Those going to IGH appointments are usually sick & don’t need to contend with lack of parking & or the cost.

  5. Ridiculous pricing, necessary areas etc doctors and hospitals, courts etc should be free.
    Drastically needing more.
    The amount of appointments you miss due to no parking is ridiculous.
    Get it together Ipswich.
    Your driving people and money out of town..

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