How safe is your food?

A new star rating system for licensed food businesses, excluding temporary stalls and water carriers, awarded by Ipswich City Council will give customers greater confidence

Cafes, restaurants, caterers, food trucks, schools, nursing homes and manufacturers are included in council’s Eat Safe program.

Any business receiving greater than three stars can choose to display their rating to the community. Star ratings on display are described as good performer, very good performer and excellent performer.

The program dovetails into council’s current inspection schedule.

Premises are inspected for compliance and food safety levels on a regular basis.

Eat Safe inspections are not in addition to what is required by legislation and therefore limits any additional costs to council.

It aims to create more self-regulation to ensure food safety standards are followed.

Eat Safe is a new way to promote how well a food business is doing in compliance.

Customers can search local food businesses online for their rating.

More than 500 businesses in Ipswich have a rating of three stars or better.

Approximately 65 per cent of the current five star businesses are run by individuals and not fast food chains.

Strand Hotel proprietor Greg Morrissy (pictured right with chef Richard Block) welcomed the introduction of the Eat Safe program and said it gave his customers reassurance that food served was prepared to the highest standards.

“You can never judge a book by its cover. The same goes for a café, restaurant or fast food take away shop.

“The star ratings program is about customers having full confidence that storage and preparation of food has been done to the highest levels under the Food Act and Food Safety Standards.

“My customers can have that added confidence.

“I would urge all food businesses to get on board with this program and register with council today,” Mr Morrissy said.

For more information about Ipswich City Council’s Eat Safe program visit this website.

Footnote: the author has been known to dine at the Strand Hotel.

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