Ipswich ballet dancers to join Alice, Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter on stage

Several young ballet dancers will be given the opportunity to perform alongside the Melbourne City Ballet when they bring their production of Alice in Wonderland to Ipswich.

Young Ipswich dancers between the age of eight and 18 will be invited to a workshop at 3pm the day of the show, Tuesday, 30 April.

There are various roles that need to be filled for the production. Melbourne City Ballet will be looking for dancers, both boys and girls, with basic ballet skills and knowledge to represent Ipswich onstage with the ballet company.

Dancers will learn the choreography at the workshop. Those who are successful will be notified at the end of the workshop and will be given more detailed information about the show.

Auditions will include participation in the community workshops which are $10 per head.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland will be complimented by Tchaikovsky’s most famous scores. Melbourne City Ballet Artistic director Michael Pappalardo and Artistic Associate Brendan Bradshaw have put their own spin on the story of a young girl whisked away to a magical world.

“The magic I felt watching the cartoon as a child has inspired me to take on this partnership with Brendan,” Mr Pappalardo said.

“I want to be able to capture what I experienced as a child and recreate it for audiences across Australia and New Zealand.

“We work closely with the dancers to ensure that everything comes together from the portrayal of the characters to how the whole ballet works together. We want a show that speaks to the audience through the whole journey.”

Forty unique costumes will help bring the classic story to life. The production has been over a year in the making and is touring both Australia and New Zealand.

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