Ipswich manufacturer brightens hospital wards

Made by Meez is a clothing label from Carole Park which launched this year right before the pandemic hit.

Rameez Kneebone had planned to make simple dresses out of unique, fun fabrics.

But then a few weeks later the COVID-19 health crisis hit and Ms Kneebone was faced with a decision.

“People were losing their jobs and there was not a lot of discretionary spending going on,” Ms Kneebone said.

“A friend wrote on my Instagram that scrubs were so hot right now and I should look into that.

“I’m sure she said it in jest but I loved the idea.”

Not only does Ms Kneebone make the scrubs, but she also designs and prints her own material.

“I was a nurse for 16 years so this is a great fit for me,” she said.

“It was a complete pivot from where I was, but if I had continued just making dresses I don’t think I would be busy at all.”

Ms Kneebone started by printing two different cotton fabrics to make the scrubs.

One was a ‘stop the spread’ design and the other a bright blue ‘flatten the curve’ print.

The demand for the scrubs has been so good that Ms Kneebone has subcontracted seamstresses from Goodna to collaborate with.

“It’s been great working with the team from Goodna, they have really great knowledge of the fashion industry,” she said.

The latest design features band aids called ‘band aids of hope’ as medical professionals move out of the COVID-19 phase.

“I’m in a much better position than a lot of small businesses so I’m quite grateful for that.

“There are people out there struggling so we are making the best of what we have got.”

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