Chalk art draws neighbours together amid crisis

One street is brighter than the rest at Springfield Central.

Armed with a tray of chalk, Telsa Hardy leaves her home of an afternoon and heads to the footpath.

Her aim is to give the community a reason to smile during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I have been at home self-isolating with the kids since the week before school holidays,” Telsa said.

“I took the kids outside and thought I would try some chalk art on the footpath as I have always been interested in art but I hadn’t tried chalk art before.”

The neighbours soon started noticing and people are regularly walking by to see what Telsa’s latest creation will be.

Some of her favourites are of Disney characters as it’s the children’s favourite to look at.

“I can hear what people say from the kitchen window and sometimes I sit out on the balcony and just listen,” she said.

“It’s nice in the morning to hear the excited children, the little screams they do is so cute.”

The support from the community has been very positive with people stopping to have a better look and some have even made requests.

“People thank me for brightening their day and I’ve had some say that I’m doing a community service by lifting people’s spirits,” Telsa said.

“I’ve had a request for a rocket ship from the little boy down the road and another lady asked if I could do a butterfly for her mother, who had died.”

Telsta has started up an Instagram page just for her chalk art called @chalkart.bytels.

She is also looking into how to turn her new skill into a paying hobby.

“I am getting a lot of requests for pictures that people can frame and I’ve also had some mural requests, so I’m just looking into how to do that,” she said.

“I never expected to find something like this to come out of a tough situation.”

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