Ipswich Police dog Kadar has died

Recently retired Police Dog (PD) Kadar died on 25 January surrounded by family.

A valuable member of the Ipswich District Dog Squad, PD Kadar had been serving the Ipswich community since 2014, recently retiring in August 2020.

PD Kadar suddenly suffered a series of seizures at home whereby his handler and vet quickly moved to provide him the best comfort available and to assist him to pass away peacefully.

PD Kadar had a distinguished career in the Ipswich area and spent the last several months in retirement with his human family.

He leaves behind his handler, Senior Sergeant Ben MacKenzie, his wife and two children.

Throughout his six years of service, PD Kadar was known as more of a lover than a fighter and was responsible for tracking and locating numerous offenders in Ipswich.

Senior Sergeant MacKenzie says his bond with PD Kadar was unbreakable.

“He was such a loyal crime fighting partner, as well as a best friend to my children,” Senior Sergeant MacKenzie said.

“As a family, we raised Kadar from eight weeks of age until he commenced working with me formally after completing his training in 2014.

“He was an exceptional police dog and loved his tracking.

“He refused to give up right to the end.

“Kadar had a handful of apprehensions to his name and he successfully assisted officers in locating many offenders during his years of service.

“His sudden passing is devastating and he will be greatly missed.”

A Queensland Police Service statements said “PD Kadar, with honour you served and it was our honour to serve with you.

“You will never be forgotten.”

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