Ipswich residents rate rubbish collection

Ipswich residents have given Ipswich City Council’s waste services a gold star with the results of the biennial survey in.

A range of topic’s were included in the survey including timeliness, driver assistance and friendliness, telephone courtesy, task completeness and overall service performance.

Growth Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Mayor Teresa Harding said the result highlights the consistency in high level customer service and satisfaction of Ipswich residents and businesses with their waste collection services.

“In the recently adopted Resource Recovery Strategy, Goal 3 is Providing Excellence in Customer Service which has a target of 90 per cent customer satisfaction,” Mayor Harding said.

“This latest survey indicates that Ipswich Waste Services is already achieving this target and will continue its great customer service into the future.

“Ipswich’s waste service drivers are a welcome sight on bin day in the community and I am not at all surprised by these excellent results.”

The customer satisfaction survey involved 300 customers who were contacted by phone in May 2021.

The categories and results:

  • Timeliness of response – 89.4 per cent
  • Telephone courtesy – 92.6 per cent
  • Driver assistance and Friendliness – 90.6 per cent
  • Completion of requested task – 88.6 per cent
  • Overall Service – 91.1 per cent

One of the customer’s surveyed said Ipswich Waste Services provided ‘value for money’, they loved having a green waste service and their bin was delivered earlier than expected and gave the service an ‘overall fantastic’.

Ipswich Waste Services is a commercial business unit wholly owned and operated by Ipswich City Council that has been providing local jobs and servicing local businesses and community for the past 50 years.

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  1. Glad glass is going back into the yellow recycle bin. I have been taking ours out to Yamanto periodically. But re the green waste bin supposedly being introduced, no way we will be putting food scraps not wrapped/ sealed in a bin . Also I am not happy to pay for another bin on my rates . Btw, we still have the dark green lidded bin for household waste. Never been offered a red lidded bin. But quite happy without the red lid 🙂

  2. Why oh why do ICC no longer recycle glass. It is one of the most reusable/recyclable materials. No I don’t want to sell my bottles and cans. For a start they don’t take wine bottles and I have better things to do with may time than wait in a queue or painfully have to feed the items in one at a time. I am still looking for another LGA that doesn’t recycle all glass containers .. so far your it Ippy!!

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