It’s free! Little-known services council provides at no cost

Everyone knows that you can borrow books from any council library for free.

You can spend the day browsing artwork at the Ipswich Art Gallery for free. There are thousands of free plants given away each year and you can visit any one of the beautiful Ipswich parks or reserves for free.

But what you may not know is that you can also learn to skate board for free. You can have your pet microchipped for free or even have an officer come and advise you on the conservation of historic properties.

Ipswich First has dug up a list of little-known services offered by Ipswich City Council that you can access for free.

Free children’s book available

For those who missed it, copies of the children’s book Best Friends Forever are available for free.

Ipswich City Council’s education officer Nicole Grant realised a children’s book would be a great resource for council to teach children about the responsibilities of owning a pet.

So she pulled out her pen and paired up with illustrator Pinar Cekic to inspire a book which promotes a simple message: “That a pet is your best friend forever.”

Best Friends Forever launched in April.

 You get your very own FREE copy from one of these locations below:

  • Council Admin Building (front counter), Ground Floor, 50 South Street, Ipswich
  • Council Customer Contact Centre,143 Brisbane Street, Ipswich
  • Council Pound and Animal Management Centre, 6 Hooper Street, West Ipswich

Access a free Heritage Adviser Service

Maybe you have just bought a house and want to know how to restore it or perhaps you want to know if you can build a carport next to your character house.

To assist owners of historic Ipswich buildings, a Heritage Adviser is available for a free limited consultation by appointment.

The Heritage Adviser is an experienced conservation architect who provides free conservation and architectural advice to owners of historic properties.

Learn how to Skateboard – for free

Whether you have never stepped foot on a board or maybe you would like to improve your skate boarding skills, there will be coaches available for all abilities.

Women on Wheels – Skateboarding (Girls only)

  • Every Sunday at Rotary Park (Bundamba) until 27 January – 3.30 – 5.30pm
  • Every Saturday at Bob Gibbs Skatepark (Springfield) beginning 2 February through to 23 February – 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Revolutions – Learn 2 Skateboard (open to all)

  • 17 January as part of the ‘Mixer in Maculata’  (Maculata Skate Park aka Hayden Park) 9am – 11am
  • 22 January at Goupong Skatepark (Collingwood Park) 9am-11am


Microchip your pet for free

Microchipping your pet ensures you are reunited quickly if they get lost. If you attend a Free Microchipping Clinic it will not cost you a cent if it’s the first time your dog is being registered.

Find out when the next event is on here.

Clean up graffiti with a free kit from council

The longer graffiti is exposed to the public eye, the more gratification an offender will receive for their offences. If your personal property or home is graffitied, council will assist in providing a free kit for its removal.

Available through all divisional offices and the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre, the kits include gloves, goggles, graffiti remover, safety instructions and a paint brush and bucket.

Incidents of graffiti on council assets that are reported will be removed within ten days, with graffiti of an offensive nature being removed within one day. This rapid, zero-tolerance response makes offenders likely to stop targeting your area.

Immunisation clinics

Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting you and your children against harmful diseases that can cause serious complications and sometimes death. By reducing the spread of disease, immunisation not only protects individuals, but also the community.

 Ipswich City Council conducts weekly immunisation clinics at libraries and other locations. They also attend scheduled school clinics. Read the full schedule here.

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