It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity

The weather this weekend offers a small dip in humidity before returning to noticeably high humidity next week.

Even though there has been only a slight chance of showers lately, walking around outside feels like having just stepped out of one anyway with humidity at high levels.

A top of 34 degrees for Saturday and 37 degrees on Sunday with light north easterly winds is expected before hitting 39 degrees on Monday.

BOM forecaster Rosa Hoff said to enjoy the slight reprieve this weekend.

“Some of the recent rainfall has made it feel quite moist this past week,” she said.

“It will be drier across the board over the weekend with only a few localised areas maybe seeing showers.”

Muggy conditions are expected to be back from early next week.

“The humidity is expected to rise again late on Monday,” Ms Hoff said.

“There is an increased chance of rainfall from early to mid-next week.”

With February being traditionally the most humid month of the year, finding excuses to seek air conditioned spaces will continue for a while yet.

Across the rest of Australia a heatwave is currently sweeping from Western Australia to eastern Victoria, as cold front is forecast to move up from southern Australia.

When the low moving down from the Golf of Carpentaria hits the cold front in South Australia, rainfall is expected to follow.

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