Kambu Health to explore Indigenous heritage through 2024 Viva Cribb Bursary

The Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Health (Kambu Health) has become the first Indigenous group to be awarded the prestigious Viva Cribb Bursary.

The Bursary, which was first awarded in 2008, offers up to $5,000 of funding to help with a project on a significant aspect of Ipswich’s local history and is awarded in honour of former historian Viva Cribb.

Ipswich City Council Community and Sport Committee Chairperson Councillor Jacob Madsen said Kambu Health had been awarded the bursary for their project Footprints of Resilience: Tracing Ipswich’s Indigenous Heritage.

“The Kambu project seeks to create a video documenting the early history of Ipswich, focusing on the interactions between the Aboriginal and European communities, and it will end with current Elders telling their stories,” Cr Madsen said.

“An Indigenous community group receiving the Viva Cribb Bursary is particularly important for us a community as we continue our shared journey towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Ipswich.

“This project will bring all of Ipswich’s residents closer together by showing a part of life in our city that many have not seen or considered before. This project has the potential to be another significant step towards reconciliation for us all.”

Cr Madsen added the project will capture a part of the city’s history that has not been explored before.

“This is a project I think Viva would have whole-heartedly supported. She was the great granddaughter of Benjamin Cribb who was the founder of Cribb and Foote Department Store in 1849 and her passion was preserving the stories of Ipswich’s past,” Cr Madsen said.

“Through research and collaboration with local historians, local Indigenous representatives and local Elders the project will delve into pivotal moments and lesser-known narratives, offering a portrayal of the diverse groups that inhabited Ipswich during our formative years as a city.”

Footprints of Resilience: Tracing Ipswich’s Indigenous Heritage aims to utilise a mix of archival footage, historical documents, interviews, and visual reconstructions to create a narrative that appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and will be posted on the Picture Ipswich website for viewing.

The final video will be posted on the Picture Ipswich website for viewing.

Kambu spokesperson and Chief Executive Officer Ms Simone Jackson said they want to create a video which explores the history of the Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Health, which was established in 1976.

“This video will not only serve as a valuable educational resource, but also as a means of preserving and celebrating the role played by Kambu Health in the community’s health and well-being,” Ms Jackson said.

“The project will strive to present a balanced perspective, emphasising authenticity and accuracy to acknowledge both the triumphs and challenges faced by different groups throughout Ipswich’s history.

Kambu Health has also enlisted local Indigenous business TVO Media Video Productions to help with technical aspects of the project.

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