Landfill application called-in by State Government

Despite council rejecting an application for a new landfill at Ebenezer, the State Government has announced it will call-in the Wanless proposal.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said council is disappointed with the State Government’s decision to override Council’s planning process.

“Council had already thoroughly assessed the Wanless proposal when it made its original decision, and we stand by this decision,” Mayor Harding said.

“Council, its planning officers and an Independent Decision Review Panel were in agreement with the decision to approve the resource recovery components of this application, but to oppose the creation of yet another new landfill site for Ipswich.

“Council will now turn its attention to ensuring the Deputy Premier has all the relevant information in considering this matter, particularly the negative environmental and community impacts of this proposal.”

The development assessment process will restart at the start of the application process and the application will be publicly notified.

Mayor Harding said it will be paramount to ensure the views of the Ipswich community, particularly those residents who will be directly affected by this development, are well represented.

“We encourage interested community members to continue to follow this process and the make their voices heard, particularly during the formal public notification period,” Mayor Harding said.

“Our community expects the highest standards of scrutiny of any new landfill proposal in Ipswich, as it is our residents who put up with the negative impacts of the waste industry time and time again.

“In addition to the detailed response council has already provided the Deputy Premier, council will be preparing a thorough submission as part of the formal public notification period.”

The appeal of the Wanless proposal currently in the Planning and Environment Court will now cease and will be superseded by this process.

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  1. Again this is the problem with being a safe Labor Seat.

    The Labor Government does not care about Ipswich, because what ever they do, the people of Ipswich keep voting Labor.

    We need to stop doing this, and until we do, nothing will change.

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