Milly moves into her new digs

Milly the wombat has moved into her newly renovated enclosure at the Ipswich Nature Centre.

Her revamped home includes a small watering hole to splash about in, new gates and a concrete drainpipe designed to resemble a hollow log.

New plants and trees alongside a rocky area have also been included to reflect a wombat’s natural habitat.

Ipswich Nature Centre senior zoologist, Nicole Richards, said the new design provides extra stimulation for the curious wombat.

“Milly is loving all the new features of her enclosure,” Ms Richards said.

“Like all wombats, Milly loves to burrow, so there’s been a lot of thought that’s gone into designing barriers above and below ground that will keep her safe and secure, while also making it more interesting and giving her the freedom to have a good dig.”

Infrastructure and Environment Department general manager Charlie Dill said a new 1.2m high fence with a metre-deep rat wall would prevent Milly escaping. 

“In addition to the 1m deep rat wall, a stainless steel mesh barrier has been installed about 30cm below the surface along the fence line of the enclosure,” he said.

People are encouraged to come and see Milly at the Ipswich Nature Centre.

It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am – 4pm and features a range of Australian wildlife and exhibits.

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