New bid to clean up the Bremer River

LITTER in the Bremer River is being targeted by Ipswich City Council in partnership with Healthy Land and Water (HLW).

HLW operates a boat and crew of two people to collect floating rubbish in the river and collects up to 20 large bags of rubbish each month.

Conservation and Environment Committee chairperson Cr Kerry Silver said roughly half the rubbish remained behind owing to the service only operating every four weeks.

“The current timing does not allow for effective servicing of hot spots around Cribb Park, River Heart Parklands and Riverlink,” Cr Silver said.

“Council already has a litter reduction program in parks, reserves and some river banks and creeks to help minimise rubbish being washed into the river.

“It also has a program of maintenance to trap litter before it gets to waterways.

“This includes collecting litter from pollutant traps such as trash racks on major stormwater drainage infrastructure.”

 Cr Silver said HLW proposed an additional 200 hours of clean-up patrols per year that would complement council’s litter reduction program.

“This will go a long way towards keeping the river much cleaner and will run for an initial period of six months.

“The community also has a role to play in keeping the river clean by doing the right thing and placing all rubbish in bins,” Cr Silver said.

Council agreed to increase HLW funding by a further $12,000 on top of the existing annual fee of $16,000.

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