Nicholas St update: Pilings take shape, footpath to reopen

The footpath on Brisbane Street at the top of the Nicholas St Redevelopment is expected to reopen early next week.

It was closed in recent weeks as part of work to reinstate Nicholas Street to a one-way, low-speed road.

It is expected the footpath will reopen by Monday 7 October.

The CBD redevelopment site has been a hive of activity this week as work to construct the foundations for Ipswich City Council’s new administration building continues.

Work continues on the Nicholas St Redevelopment.

A crane base has been installed.

Contractors are drilling more than 130 holes to a depth of 12-15m with a 75cm diameter before reinforcing them with steel and filling them with concrete to create new piles.

Detailed excavation and pile trimming work to tidy up the piles is taking place.

Workers removing existing steelwork to allow for construction of the future library continue to make progress. The steelwork will be recycled.Concrete has been poured and set for a crane base, with demolition work in the car park ongoing.

Piling work is continuing at the Nicholas St Redevelopment.

Also this week, night works began to allow for the safe removal of the old mall stairs and travelator from the site.

Project contractors, Hutchinson Builders, will be undertaking works Monday to Friday between 1pm and 6am for the next two weeks to minimise disruption to the public.

Businesses in the Nicholas St precinct remain open during the construction.

Crews have been working on the intersection of Nicholas Street and Brisbane Street.

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