No time for theatre? Try a one act play

For 64 years, the One Act Play Festival is the longest running festival of its type in Australia. 

Tony Erhardt first tread the boards at the Ipswich Little Theatre when he was 10 years old.

Back then it was for the acting, but he has since branched out into writing and directing.

“I love the culture, the ethos, the people that are here, it’s like a family,” he said.

“I work in a bank with numbers and legislation all day, so it gives me a nice balance.”

Mr Erhardt has written and is acting in a one act play called Two’s Company, Five’s a Chorus.

“It is about a guy who is coming to grips with the fact he is dying and in the process of doing that he hears music and people singing. He meets someone from his past who helps guide him through the process of passing away,” he said.

“It’s a black comedy, although it does have dramatic moments in it, it’s still predominantly a comedy because it’s got the singing. It’s full of songs most people would know from the 80s.”

The One Act Play Festival runs all over South East Queensland, so thespians from as far away as Dalby and Buderim are expected to descend into Ipswich to compete.

“I think the festival’s success is down to the shorter format. We also do 10 minute plays. A three act play is like a test match and a one act play is like a one day match. So if you want to have a taste of theatre, this is the way to go,” he said.

“Everybody should get into some sort of theatre, whether they are involved in it or come to see it, everyone should do it. It’s the best way to meet new people and have some fun.” 

The Ipswich Little Theatre One Act Play Festival is on over three days, 10, 11 and 12 August. You can buy tickets here.

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