Shadow Cabinet puts critical Ipswich issues on State agenda

Roads, public transport, a second river crossing and social infrastructure were some of the issues raised as critical to creating jobs, driving economic growth and supporting a well-connected Ipswich community at the Regional Shadow Cabinet held in the city on 18 July.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding welcomed the Shadow Cabinet members and said hosting the Regional Shadow Cabinet was an opportunity to foster positive relationships and showcase Ipswich’s many strengths.

“The councillors and I presented the city’s priorities to the Regional Shadow Cabinet before breaking into groups and heading across Ipswich to look at our growing trade, manufacturing and industrial facilities,” Mayor Harding said.

“Last year council secured the State Government Community Cabinet and now having hosted the shadow cabinet, we have been able to welcome both sides of government to Ipswich and shine a light on the priorities and issues facing our city’s future.”

Mayor Harding speaks at the Regional Shadow Cabinet at University of Southern Queensland.

“Ipswich is in a population boom, as young couples and families flock to the city to build an affordable yet idyllic life for themselves,” Mayor Harding said.

“Ipswich’s annual projected growth rate of four per cent is exceptional in comparison to Queensland’s 1.2 per cent and Australia’s 0.9 per cent.

“In the coming decade, we will outgrow the Sunshine Coast in terms of population – making Ipswich the fifth largest local government area in Queensland.”

Shadow Cabinet members visit Springfield Stadium.

“While significant population growth brings many opportunities, it is not without its challenges,” Mayor Harding said.

“In order to grow sustainably and maximise our potential, residents need to have access to high quality jobs, a high standard of health and community services, a thriving city centre and world class infrastructure to support this growth.

“We presented our Regionally Significant Projects (RSP) to the Regional Shadow Cabinet.

“This included the Ipswich to Springfield Public Transport Corridor to join Ipswich Central, Ripley and Springfield, the need for a second river crossing, waste reform and the urgent need to fix our highways including the Cunningham, Warrego and Centenary highways.

“In order for our city to grow sustainably, the current and future residents of Ipswich require support from all levels of government and council will continue to advocate for Ipswich residents.”

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