Some things can’t be shown on a resume, just ask bravery commendation recipient Lincoln Sherlock

Lincoln Sherlock (right) and his son Keagan Sherlock,17.
Why would someone risk their life to save another?
Would you jump into a river to save a total stranger?


You have time to ponder the answer, but for Springfield Lakes resident Lincoln Sherlock only one thing passed through his mind as he watched the car he was following plunge into the Brisbane River – there could be kids in the car.

Mr Sherlock also confessed that his parents instilled a strong moral code and they wouldn’t have been happy if he’d have just kept going.

“They would have rolled in their graves if I didn’t do the right thing,” Mr Sherlock said.

Lincoln Sherlock is just an ordinary guy, he bears no medals on his chest or wears no special uniform.

If you were to pass him in the street, you would be forgiven for having no idea that he is the holder of a value system so deeply entrenched that he decided to act while others watched from the sidelines.

And that his fine with him.

“I was on my way to work and I was supposed to meet a delivery guy. I didn’t want to be late so once I got him out I jumped back in my ute and still got there before he did,” Mr Sherlock said

“He was whinging about the traffic. He said some clown had gone into the river and caused him to be late.

“I was standing there dripping wet and he didn’t even notice. I didn’t say anything.”

A qualified plumber, Mr Sherlock has been working as a roofer. After his last contract ended he has found himself without a job.

“It is the first time since I was 14 that I have been out of work,” Mr Sherlock said.

“I prepared to do most things, I have a MR licence (medium ridged truck) and I would ideally like to work Monday to Friday.

“I’ve never had to have a resume in my life until now. I have done all sorts of jobs and I have lots of experience.

“I just need someone to give me a chance, once I have my foot in the door they will know they made the right decision to give me a go.”

What happened?

On Monday 13 July, 2015, Shayne Wood was travelling through the ICB when he had a medical episode. He drove over a traffic island, crossing three lanes of oncoming traffic and went through a fence into the Brisbane River.

Following along behind Lincoln Sherlock noticed the car in front side swiped the barrier and knew something was wrong.

He pulled over near the barrier, ran across the road and into the river. He hauled Shayne Wood out of the car through the window and swam him to a nearby tinny that was passing by with a rowing team.

Shayne Wood said at a press conference about his rescue, “He seemed in control.”

“If you said to anyone go and jump in the Brisbane River on a cold winter morning, not many guys would do it.”

Mr Sherlock will receive a commendation for brave conduct at the Australian Bravery Decorations ceremony later this year

The Australian Bravery Decorations recognise acts of bravery by people who put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others and nominations are considered twice annually by an independent advisory body.


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