That’ll Do Pig. That’ll Do.

They are two boisterous boys from the bush

Bert and Ernie have trotted away from the farm for the summer holidays and have made lots of friends at the Ipswich Nature Centre barn.

Their favourite things to do are roll around in muddy puddles, eat, play with their ball, get belly rubs, forage around in the grass, sleep and also eat.

Did we mention eating? Seeing how much they do of it, it’s worth mentioning twice.

They may be a little rascally but they are also very clever.

They even wear sunscreen on their ears and backs to protect their skin.

Drop by and see them in all their cuteness for yourself. They will be at the Ipswich Nature Centre at Queens Park for the school holidays.

The Centre is open every day during the school holidays (except Christmas Day) from 9.30am until 4pm.

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