Triple Trouble: Meet Kodi, Cooper and Summer

Katie Smith and Andrew Gardiner are counting their blessings, and their brood,
after welcoming triplets this month.

Kodi, Cooper and Summer were welcomed in quick succession on 2 October at 9am at Ipswich Hospital.

With two older boys, Zayne, 11 and Zac, 6, mum Katie said she was in shock when she received the news her family was about to be super-sized, while her partner Andrew was “over the moon’’.

“He couldn’t believe it. He was so excited to have triplets,” Katie said.

“There is no history of twins or triplets in my family and I was just shocked to hear the news.

“I think I straight away started thinking I need a new car, I need this, I need that. I’m still waiting for
that new car,’’ she laughed.

Katie said she could not hide her excitement to welcome Summer, her only girl and last of the triplets to be delivered.

“I always said I’d have a football team before I got a little girl so that was almost true.

“My mum says she’s not spoilt, just well loved!

“She’ll (Summer) send me broke that’s for sure, I won’t be able to help myself.’’

Katie said she looked forward to seeing her three precious new babies develop their personalities but more than anything she wished good health for her children.

“I just want them to be healthy that’s the main thing,’’ Katie said. “I’m looking forward to seeing their smiling faces every day and watching them grow.’’

Special Care Nursery Nurse Unit Manager Kate Howard, whose team has overseen the care of the tiny trio since their birth, said the arrival of triplets was an extremely special occasion. It was the first delivery of triplets in more than 10 years.

“It is quite a rare treat for us to care for triplets at Ipswich Hospital and the whole team was overjoyed by their safe arrival,” Ms Howard said.

“The entire medical, midwifery and nursing team did a fabulous job to coordinate the birth and to support Katie, who has been just amazing.”

Ms Howard said the triplets were born at 35 weeks, a safe, healthy gestation period for triplets.

“All three had achieved good growth and weight in in the womb. The first born, Kodi, was the heaviest at 2.59kg and Cooper was the smallest at 2.32kg.

Katie and Andrew are heading home with their full family to start the next chapter.

“My middle child can’t wait to teach them everything,” Katie said.

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