Understanding the local impacts of the State Government’s 80% vaccination rules

COVID-19 restrictions are set to change significantly in Queensland, including Ipswich, from 17 December or once 80 per cent of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated. 

In November 2021, the Queensland Government – which is responsible for managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in our state – announced measures relating to unvaccinated people, including restricting entry into some public places.

Ipswich City Council, along with councils across Queensland, has questions about how these restrictions will impact council facilities, services and events and, as a group, is urgently seeking clarity from the Queensland Government.

When that urgently needed clarity is provided, council will advise the Ipswich community through its many regular communication channels, including this website, social media, local media, newsletters, correspondence to our stakeholder groups and at our facilities.

Questions regarding the requirement for mandatory vaccines, as outlined in the State Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, should be directed to Queensland Health. 

You may also find useful the Questions and Answers section on the Queensland Government’s 80 per cent double dose vaccination restrictions page,

A safe place

Ipswich City Council is committed – and obligated – to follow any current Queensland Government health directives and provide a safe place for its employees and visitors.

This council continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of its employees, contractors and visitors. Currently there are no vaccination mandates in place for residents accessing Ipswich City Council services.

Masks and travel

Queensland has reached 80 per cent single-dose vaccination, which means face mask restrictions have eased. Travel restrictions are also set to ease further when the state reaches 80 per cent double vaccination.

Check the Queensland Health website for more updates,

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  1. Definitely do not agree with following government guidelines. Many people in the community are already very against this it is not an accurate representation of public opinion. What changes are you then going to make for rate payers who you are now choosing to exclude from places?

  2. I think you should be following suit as to what other councils are doing around Queensland and objecting the divide within the community their mandates are doing.
    You shouldn’t be pushing state government agenda, your responsibility is the people with this city and how this is going to affect many of those in business within this city.
    * there is lack of community consultation
    * it isn’t about vaccinated or unvaccinated, this is about pushing a medication that is on trial and forced upon people by having conditions put in place that affect their livelihood. Under International & National medical authorities this medication can not be forced upon people and this segregation that you are supporting is completely wrong and not justifiable.
    You should let the people decide by having proper community consultation and allow people to speak and help make the right decision democratically.

  3. I’m keen to see library access remain available to all regardless of vaccination status. The ability to borrow a book from a public library should not be determined by medical health and vaccination status. This is clearly discrimination and a violation of human rights to limit people based on health or beliefs.

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