Get drawn into the shadows of sideshow alley

Twenty-one Ipswich authors have joined forces to launch a collection of dramatic tales in a book called Sideshow Alley.

The writers came together to write a drabble, which is a 100-word story, taking readers into the seen and unseen world of carnival life.

Jo Seysener is the creative backbone behind the local group project.

“I wanted to give local authors, both published and unpublished, a chance to get published,” Ms Seysener said.

“Most of them have never been published or this is their first year of being published, which was my aim.

“I wanted to pay it forward because someone helped me when I first started writing again a couple of years ago.”

Ipswich authors Michael Blair, Harry Fritsch, Jo Seysener, Neen Cohen, Jayne Vidler, Nicole Harvey and Joanne Creed

Ms Seysener is part of the Ipswich Illustrators and Writers Group and Springfield Writers Group.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity to give writers starting out the opportunity to do a practice run to be traditionally published,” she said.

“They wrote a drabble, had it accepted into the anthology, then went through the editing process and will experience a book launch and signing.

“All without fear of being rejected.

“It’s that moment writer’s fear, when you are told – your creativity isn’t up to scratch.”

A drabble can be described as what a tweet is compared to a blog.

They usually pack a punch as every word counts.

Ms Seysener said drabbles are a good place to start for writers.

“It’s less invasive than saying ‘here’s a 5000 word story, go at it’,” she said.

“You have to get to the point very fast and really embrace the setting and characters, it has to be really powerful.

“Imaging reading a novel of 100,000 words where every 100 words are as powerful as what you put into a drabble.”

Sideshow Alley can be purchased online for 99 cents.

The Sideshow Alley book launch is on Sunday, 3 November at 10.30am at the Chapters Book Shop, Café and Wine Bar, Shop 10, Junction Road, Karalee.

People are invited to attend to meet the authors.

A hardcopy version of the book will also be available to be purchased.

Local Author Showcase – Book Business

Springfield Central Library is hosting the Local Author Showcase for everyone interested in the business of books.

It is a free event on Saturday, 2 November.

  • 9.30am  Author Hour – Frances Whiting (Bookings required)
  • 10am  Mini Expo – Local Authors and Illustrators including Jo Seysener
  • 10.45am Panel Discussion – Industry players share different experiences and perspectives
  • 12pm Book Launch – Grave Tales by Helen Goltz
  • 1pm Stallholders on Stage – 5 questions, 2 minutes, their story

Book here.

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