Hidden artwork boosts spirits during pandemic

An Ipswich artist is lifting community spirit by making artwork then hiding it around town for people to find.

Magenta Quinn has been in isolation since before restrictions were put in place more than two months ago as she had some medical concerns with her lungs.

She was inspired to give her art away after someone in The Kindness Pandemic Facebook group had done something similar.

“I read someone was hiding their art like people do with rock art and I thought, I’ve got artwork, I can do this,” Ms Quinn said.

“So for the last two months I have been creating the artwork then hiding it around Springfield Lakes on my walks.

“I’ve had many positive responses.”

Each Thursday, Ms Quinn updates her Facebook page with clues about where she has hidden her latest artworks.

“I had a lady come up to me in Bunnings to tell me her son watches my page every Thursday until I post so he can go out and find some treasure while they go for their exercise,” she said.

“I usually have three or four people each week get in touch after they have found my artwork to tell me they have found one and to thank me.”

Ms Quinn has also inspired others to do the same.

A customer from Perth bought some of her artwork so that she could also hide them in her local park.

Sometimes Ms Quinn will drop earrings or canvas art she creates, but mostly it is ecofriendly discs.

“I use small round acrylic plastic discs that have been recycled from a machinery factory,” she said.

“It’s flow art I have perfected over the years created by pouring paint.”

The restrictions calling for the community to stay at home as been difficult for many and Ms Quinn said while she is hoping to uplift others when they find her art, it has also been good for her own mental health.

“It’s so much fun and having this project to work on has helped me with my own mental health,” she said.

“Being creative has kept me happy.”

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