Imagination runs wild in students’ disaster scenarios

There’s plenty of excitement in store when Ipswich primary school children put pen to paper about storm and flood safety.

Lightning strikes and tornados swirl, a house roof breaks apart and tree branches fall while floodwaters rise and heavy rain pelts the scene below.

Ipswich students created some incredible scenarios for the annual Summer Storm and Flood Safety poster competition run by Ipswich City Council and Ipswich City State Emergency Service as part of the Get Ready Queensland campaign.

But no matter how bad the disaster in the poster, there were always proactive and positive things included that people could do to make sure they were prepared.

Emergency Management Officer Clare Inwood said this was the fourth year the poster competition had run in Ipswich and there had once again been some terrific entries.

“The Summer Storm and Flood Safety poster competition presents an opportunity to engage children in a creative fashion about natural hazards, and preparedness for responding to disasters in the future,” she said.

Winning posters will be on display in the Ipswich Library during school holidays.

SES volunteer Tanisha Lewis with Leichhardt State School poster competition winners Topaz, Mark (highly commended), Jorjah, Elektra and Eve, and Emergency Management Officer Clare Inwood. (Absent winner: Jayden)

Preparing your home for disaster or emergency

When disaster strikes, the best state you can be in is prepared.

Things you will need: Torch, water bottles, tin can food, all of your pets. If you’re a kid you should have an adult with you at all times.

Topaz, Leichhardt State School

Clean up for storm season. If you see water, forget it! Watch out for fallen powerlines. Things to have in an emergency: Emergency kit, plan first, stay connected 94.9 or ABC radio, tell everyone to be prepared.

Jayden, Leichhardt State School

Ipswich City Council has compiled detailed information and a range of fact sheets to assist in case of an emergency, on the Emergency Management page.

Caring for animals in a disaster or emergency

During an emergency or disaster you may have to move your animals out first, for safety. It may not be possible to take your pet with you to a temporary evacuation shelter – plan ahead and be prepared.

Bring pets inside. Make sure no lightning shocks onto metal. Call the SES for big emergencies and the phone number is 132 500.

Elektra, Leichhardt State School

Keep animals in a fenced yard! Make sure to get your pet micro-chipped and wormed so they have a better chance of survival in a natural disaster. Make sure they have fresh water!

Samantha, Ipswich West State School

Ipswich West State School student Samantha with her winning poster on caring for pets in a disaster or emergency.

What do the SES do?

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) is a not for profit, community, volunteer emergency service organisation enabled by both State and local governments. With about 6,000 active, unpaid members, the SES performs a diverse range of functions to respond to disasters and emergencies.

The SES is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their communities in times of emergency and disaster. The basic concept is one of self-help and mutual assistance.

Help others by helping yourself. A resilient community frees SES resources to go where they are most needed, assisting our most vulnerable.

The Get Ready Queensland website is a place to find information so you can be as prepared as possible in case of emergency or disaster.

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