Ipswich memorabilia raises funds for domestic violence prevention groups

Local domestic and family violence prevention organisations will benefit from about $61,000 raised through the auction of almost 400 memorabilia items.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the items were accumulated by the previous council and unable to be disposed of until the Crime and Corruption Commission investigation had concluded.

Mayor Harding said seven organisations with a diverse range of projects were successful in applying for the special Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding Program.

“Council has honoured its pledge to ensure the proceeds of this memorabilia auction were used for community purposes,” Mayor Harding said.

“These worthy recipients are all doing important work in raising awareness of domestic and family violence and supporting families dealing with its destructive impacts.”

The successful Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding Program recipients are:

  • Fearless Towards Success will receive more than $9,000 towards a Respectful Relationships program.
  • PCYC Ipswich will receive $10,000 towards the Rise Up, Be Yourself (RUBY) Program.
  • Allison Baden-Clay Foundation will receive $10,000 for the A-Level Playing Field project that focuses on supporting community sporting organisations with respectful relationships.
  • Domestic Violence Action Centre will receive $10,000 towards a new animation video to be used across multiple platforms.
  • The Rotary Club of Ipswich City will receive $10,000 towards a new secure outdoor playground for children while their mothers are in counselling sessions at the Domestic Violence Action Centre.
  • Victory Church will receive $6,500 towards the Breaking Cycle Outbursts of Anger program.
  • Women’s Crisis Support Service will receive $5,513 towards a women’s social, education and wellbeing program.

Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC) was one of the organisations to benefit from the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding Program.

CEO Amie Carrington said their animation video project aimed to communicate on consent and sexual violence in a way that was accessible for young people.

“We need resources to support prevention, enable a safer future for our young people, and help reduce the crisis that we are in,” Ms Carrington said.

Ms Carrington said she was also grateful to the Rotary Club of Ipswich City for making a playground and shade sails possible for families using the centre.

“It is an important part of a safe environment and being inclusive for families. It is infrastructure we could not have afforded without support,” Ms Carrington said.

Mayor Teresa Harding said details of the memorabilia items auctioned, and the recipients of the funds, had been published on council’s Transparency and Integrity Hub.

“This council committed to ensuring the items were disposed of transparently in line with council policies and procedures, community expectations, and in a manner that benefits our community into the future,” Mayor Harding said.

Some of the hundreds of items that were auctioned, which included Alfie Langer’s boot, Don Bradman’s cricket bat and signed Muhammad Ali boxing gloves.

Mayor Harding said council had now completed a year-long process to action a huge volume of memorabilia and gift items.

“It was a painstaking process to assess, categorise and action a huge volume of items that had been accumulated by the previous council over many years,” Mayor Harding said.

“Only two items went to landfill due to damage. Everything else was returned to an original owner or found a new home in the community.

“All project outcomes have now been met, and the memorabilia project is now closed.

“Our community can move forward knowing these legacy items have been dealt with legally and transparently.”

Information on the memorabilia project and community funding can be found on
the Transparency and Integrity Hub at

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