Ipswich artist Julie Maddocks talks about the lost art of porcelain on glaze painting.
If variety is the spice of life, then Julie Maddocks could be a curry.
She has just opened a new art gallery, Jules Art, at Dinmore.

Mrs Maddocks has been an artist for 15 years and enjoys all styles and genre of painting, ceramics, porceliain on glaze art, stained glass, hot glass, sculpture (bronze and hebel), mould making, porcelain and glass jewellery, printing both textile and paper, knitting, sewing, crocheting and tapestry.

“I like to be able to explore all avenues as each discipline has something that can add to my repertoire as I don’t see any boundaries between them, just ‘how can this technique be useful?’,” she said.

Her new art gallery features her work. What inspires someone to open their own art gallery?

“I got inspired and I like to see the artwork on the walls rather than under the stairs at my house,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to do it for some reason, it was on my bucket list.

“I really enjoy that other people can enjoy get enjoyment from what I do. Making art is very personal and it was special to me and when people buy it, it becomes special to them too.”

Julie Maddocks at her new gallery – Jules Art,
16 Jacob Street, Dinmore. Opening hours are by appointment but the gallery is also her studio so if the glass doors are visable, then she is in residence and happy for people to come on in.
It’s not Mrs Maddocks first time at the rodeo as she previously started a not-for-profit artist co-op, Inspirations Ipswich Gallery, which used to be in the mall.

“When that finished I started planning for my own gallery. The timing was right as we purchased some sheds to help my son start his glider repair business and I kept this one space for me,” she said.

“When we first bought it, they had been making clay targets here. It was filthy. So there was dust everywhere and we spent months scrubbing floors, painting, cleaning the building. This room just had the framing around it and that’s it.

“We had to line the walls, put electrics in, paint the floor, it just went on and on and on. Now I’ve finally got it to a stage that I’m really happy.

“I’m always driven to do projects that involve a lot of work, it’s very satisfying to build something from scratch. It’s something to be proud of when it’s finished.
“I am a firm believer in saying yes to any opportunities that arise, because if you say no, you’ll never know where they could have led to.”
Whether it’s one of her art pieces or an entire art gallery everything is unique.
“No two items I make are ever the same,” she said.
(Above ) Julie entered this painting of Agro and Jamie Dunn into the Archibalds last year.

(Above right) Julie spent some time at The Workshops Rail Museum exhibit, A Room for Wild Animals and drew a series on the animals.

(Right) This piece called ‘Rivers Run’ has been painted with 22ct gold and also has gems and other lustres fired on.

Drawing and Painting Classes
First Saturday of the month

Drawing Class 9am – 12noon
Beginners welcome. Returning students will learn about animal drawing. Bring your supplies and a photo. Cost $30

Painting Class. 1pm – 4pm. Beginners welcome. Returning students will be learning about monochrome/tonal values using your chosen colour and adding black and white. Bring a photo of your choice. Cost $30.

For more information contact Julie on 0408 158 356

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