Redbank’s giant murals make for unique selfies

Fancy a selfie with a fierce-looking shark?

Maybe angels’ wings are more your style?

Mural artist Travis Vinson, aka DRAPL, sprayed by the Redbank Plaza to paint some large interactive paintings on the wall. 

“Everyone loves posing in front of wings and so I had to do those,” Mr Vinson said.

“The puppeteer hand works well in the corner creating the image to appear like it’s floating.”

Mr Vinson has been doing graffiti-style art around Ipswich for over 24 years and he has some advice for young players.

“Keep practising and learning new skills. You are only as good as your last art work so keep progressing,” he said.

“Read art books and learn from the masters as there will always be someone better than you.”

Redbank Plaza marketing manager Clare Jenkinson said they wanted to create a space where their customers could have some fun.

“When we commissioned street artist @drapl to do the murals for us and the only brief we gave him was that we wanted people to be able to have some fun with the photos,” Ms Jenkinson said.

“We hope that people will come and take some photos with the murals and enter our competition for a chance to win one of four $50 Redbank Plaza gift cards.”

See details here.

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