Community champions share popular stories with Ipswich’s youngest readers

The coronavirus pandemic may have paused in-person Story Time events, but that has not stopped Ipswich Libraries’ efforts to boost early childhood literacy in the community.

Ipswich Libraries invited various community champions to share their favourite stories online.

Local libraries play an important part in enriching the lives of the city’s youngest members.

Early childhood development is a priority for Ipswich City Council.

Camira Fire and Rescue Station Officer Lam Pham’s children were very excited to see their dad reading The Cranky Bear by Nick Bland.

“We spend quite a bit of time at the Springfield Library as my girls love reading,” Officer Pham said.

“My girls thought The Cranky Bear book was a perfect match for me.

“It’s a great book, we have the whole collection and I have lots of great feedback from kids and their parents who watched me read the story.

“I love the idea of having members of the community reading the books on the Ipswich Libraries website so that people are still able to participate without having to leave their homes.”

Several Community Champions Story Time videos have been uploaded already and there are more on the way in coming weeks.

You can view them here.

Sergeant Nadine Webster from the Queensland Police Service shares The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf as told by Jon Scieksa. Sergeant Webster was so inspired by the Ipswich Libraries Virtual Story Time when she saw the first one online at the beginning of the Covid restrictions, that she volunteered to read a book in the first Community Champion Story Time. You can see her reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs here.

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