Ipswich’s hotspot suburbs and why so many people are moving here

In 113 years as a city, Ipswich has never seen anything like this.
We are having one of the highest population growth periods yet recorded – and the biggest boom is in the corridor of Redbank Plains, Greater Springfield and South Ripley.


In just three months to September 2017, we saw an extra:

New people across Ipswich

New people in Redbank Plains (178 new dwellings)

new people in Springfield Lakes (131 new dwellings)

New people in South Ripley (83 new dwellings)

It is strong growth considering Ipswich’s population count only ticked over 200,000 at the start of the year.

These figures are equivalent to an annual population growth of 4.59 per cent, and a total annual increase of 8,688 persons.

Council’s role is to manage growth and development in order to create a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable city. 

Councillor David Morrison

Planning, Development and Heritage Committee

Council’s Planning and Development September Quarterly Activity Report found strong activity in subdivisions.

New lots were created at Spring Mountain (231 lots) and South Ripley (178 lots), but the hottest spots for new lots approved were Colllingwood Park (442 lots) and Springfield (406 lots).

Council approved 1144 new residential lots for the September 2017 quarter. In comparison, 468 lots were approved in the September 2012 quarter.

Developers such as Lendlease and Peet are at the forefront of Ipswich’s growth. They are building new estates in key suburbs.

Peet’s Eden’s Crossing in Redbank Plains is one of southeast Queensland’s fastest selling residential developments. The 120ha masterplanned community will deliver up to 1200 homes within the next seven years.

Lendlease’s Fernbrooke Ridge estate at Redbank Plains will be home to about 2000 people on completion. The community at Springfield Lakes will be 30,000 residents strong by the time it is completed around 2020.  And the nearby Springfield Rise (pictured at top of page) is anticipated to become home to 12,000 people.

From the kitchen and living areas of Willie Reyes’ new house, he has an expansive view over Springfield Lakes and the community he proudly calls home – one of the fastest growing corridors in Ipswich.

“I would describe it as an oasis,” he said.

For more than 15 years living at Forest Lake, moving to the Lendlease community was the dream. Finally in May his family moved into their Springfield Lakes home.

“Some developments you see are just houses. You have a different feel here, you feel welcome,” he said.

“My family feels safe, it’s well-lit, plenty of public amenities and sports. It’s vibrant and active.”

While Mr Reyes puts the finishing touches to the family home, two daughters have also been inspired to look at the region for their first homes, rather than moving closer to Brisbane.

Mr Reyes said one daughter has bought a block at Spring Mountain and was in the process of designing a home, while the other is saving up and looking at the area.

Newlyweds Thomas and KC Wyse couldn’t wait to start their life together – buying a block of land at Edens Crossing a week before their wedding day.

For a few days it was their secret, with the couple deciding not to tell their families until after the wedding.

They had been house hunting for three months, but chose the Redbank Plains community because they could get a bigger 600sq m block at an affordable price and design a new home of their choice.

With a German Shepherd and an aim of fostering dogs for the RSPCA, the couple wanted a big backyard. Mr Wyse is also able to take the train from Springfield to work.

Mr Wyse liked the area’s mix of suburbia and bushland – and spotting the occasional kangaroo.

While the couple has been married less than a month, they have been together seven years and are methodical long term planners. They have been tracking the market and were optimistic about Redbank Plains as an investment.

The challenge now is infrastructure

At the November Ipswich City Council meeting Councillors called on State and Federal governments to commit funding to vital infrastructure to support the population growth in the key corridors.

The $150 million rail extension from Springfield Central to Redbank Plains (School Road) is one of the Council of Mayors (SEQ) priorities for funding in the lead up to the state election on November 25.

At the Council meeting Councillor David Morrison said Redbank Plains had seen the strongest population growth of any Ipswich suburb for a number of quarters, and the corridor demanded efficient and reliable transport infrastructure.

Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said the Planning and Development quarterly report flags that Ipswich does need an increased investment in infrastructure and a state commitment to that rail line was essential.

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