Judge Judy is found

The Old Courthouse cat is back.

Judge Judy has been found.

Ipswich Musical Theatre Company artistic director Brenda Ryan and president Ken Mundt had been frantically searching for Judy since she wasn’t waiting for her usual roast chicken dinner on January 5.

Ipswich First wrote about the iconic cat’s disappearance on Wednesday, January 24 – you can read that story here.

That afternoon she was taken to the Ipswich Pound by John Albury, the proprietor of Carrington Guest House, and his daughter.

Mr Albury said Judy had been coming and going for years.

“The cat seemed to make friends wherever it went. It would always scurry away when I was out doing my chores and I didn’t take much notice until it didn’t move out of the way anymore,” he said.

“That’s when we took it to the pound.

“She’s very crook but at least they have it back again.”

When Mrs Ryan arrived at the pound and saw Judge Judy it was bitter sweet.

“It’s her! Just, it’s her, but, the condition on her,” a shocked Mrs Ryan said.

“The vet doesn’t think she’ll live.

“I’m just hoping beyond hope. She doesn’t appear to be suffering as such, her breathing is laboured and she is skin and bones.

“I’m just hoping with rest, feeling safe, and a little bit of broth she can recover some strength.

“She’s still showing an interest in things so I’m hopeful.

“While there is life there is hope and I know it will be a long journey back and I will love her all the way.”

What to do if you find a pet?

Quick action is the key to reuniting an animal with its owner.

If you have found an animal contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 to provide details and register the animal on the
RSPCA Impounded Register.

If the animal has been reported as missing, Council will liaise with the owner and the finder
to reunite the animal with its owner.

If you have reported your animal as lost and it has been found, contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 to
remove your animal’s details from the register.

For more information you can read about lost and injured animals here.

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